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Didden, the heritage of a passion!

When we say Didden to you, you will immediately think about our products that give you pleasure when you are eating.

But Didden, it’s also the heritage of a passion and a know-how, that one of the grandfather Jean-François Didden that decides in 1925 to share his good receipts.

Since then, the Didden products seduce more and more people that search for authentic receipts that combine know-how and quality of ingredients. It’s also a nice manner to mix the tradition with a note of renewal.

Some receipts were preserved or kept secret to offer the authenticity. It’s often a voyage to the past, a flavor of your childhood like the “grand-mère” mayonnaise of Didden…

But Didden is also scalable products that are following your tastes and the pace of life. For example, the doypack packaging that permits a better conservation. It’s practical and ecologic.

What would be a summer without dressing?

How would you plan a summer without a good salad? And the Didden dressings that offers you a refreshing taste to your salads! The dressings accompany well all menus for all tastes and all receipts. The dressings give you a pleasant manner to sublime your salads for a lunch or when you invite people.