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How to organise an amazing Christmas feast ?

You've been waiting for this big day for a whole year now. You're going to see your family again and finally spend a nice moment with them. This year, it's your turn to cook the Christmas feast, and you're feeling a bit stressed. Everything needs to be perfect. But just the thought of it makes you afraid of failure. Here's some advice on how to organise an amazing Christmas dinner.

A menu tailored to everyone

Even if you're tempted to test a brand-new recipe you just found, we highly recommend not being too inventive for holiday meals such as Christmas dinner. You know that tastes vary from one person to another, and it would be a shame to serve dishes on Christmas that your guests refuse to try because they don't like them. Try to find out what everyone likes before putting together your menu!

It's all a matter of organisation

The main challenge in hosting Christmas dinner is the timing. You wouldn't want to serve cold food that has been made in advance, or else make your guests wait at the table for 20 minutes for a dish that isn't ready. To avoid such inconveniences, we recommend getting organised. Once you've selected your dishes, review all the ingredients and instructions and estimate the time that's required. Will some things need to be made ahead of time?