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Making your Christmas Eve a success – simplicity itself!

Making your Christmas Eve a success – simplicity itself! The magic of Christmas is already being felt, and all you can think about is how to make your Christmas Eve a success without overcomplicating your life. With the daily grind, work, the children… it’s not easy finding the time to plan. With these few little tips, you should be able to prepare an unforgettable evening! So, how to preserve the magic? 

Don’t rush through the greeting 

If you are hosting Christmas Eve this year, you will of course be run off your feet when the time comes to welcome your guests. But that is no reason to rush through the greeting. Try to arrange things so that you are ready 5 minutes before the time when guests are due to arrive. It’s important to remember that people’s first impression upon arrival will set the tone for the rest of the evening. Be calm, elegant and above all take the time to give everyone a warm welcome. If you leave them to cool their heels for 5 minutes in the hallway, that might just spoil their evening. 

Enjoy the meal

The real time of sharing will be at the table once everyone is seated for the meal. So when you plan your seating arrangement, give some thought to the affinities or tensions there may be between the different people. If there are a lot of children, it might be an idea to set aside a space for them, otherwise they might get bored and disturb the adults. During the meal, don’t serve the dishes too quickly. Take the time to sit down and taste your creations along with your guests. Your presence at the table is important, even if you are the host. Taking enough time between courses will also ensure people are not too full to taste the next one. Remember to leave some time to digest! 

Give the evening that magic touch! 

Christmas Eve is not just another dinner party, and it’s important for people to feel it. To create a magical ambiance, every little detail counts! Merry Christmas to all!