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Some tips for quick home-made meals!

Your life is not a long quiet river. Because in addition to your job, which takes up too much of your time, you've got your children and their activities. In short, it's already 7 pm when you remember you don't have a meal planned for this evening. So you naturally decide to eat out or else heat up a frozen meal! What a shame – with just a tiny bit of organisation, you could make your own meal, on a budget. Here's our advice!

Prepare your grocery list

Going to the supermarket without knowing exactly what you need can cause you to spend too much money and time. You end up wandering from section to section, looking for what might be lacking, and you inevitably choose products you don't need that usually cause you to gain weight. The best solution is to prepare your list at home. It will take 5 minutes of your time, but at least you'll be efficient when you head to the store.


Of course, if you leave everything until the last minute, even an easy meal will seem difficult to make. Learn to prepare certain stages ahead of time. For example, you can prepare your vegetables the day before, which will save you time and keep you from serving your family supper at 11 pm!

Learn to use leftovers

First of all, it's economical and saves you time. Also, you don't throw anything away and avoid wasting food. It's so easy to use your leftovers! If you made roast chicken with vegetables today, you could make a lovely savoury tart with the leftovers tomorrow. All that's left is to roll out the pastry!