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Summer and Didden dressings

Summertime is synonymous with freshness, and often, we eat differently to enjoy fresh gourmet flavours! We love savouring grilled meats, salads, and all kinds of colourful, delicious foods rich in water!

Therefore, Didden dressings will be a natural addition to your table, from the very first days of summer. Didden is by your side for these magical moments, offering an impressive catalogue of products. Did you know that we've launched a particularly original dressing? It's called the Sweet Chilli dressing.

Sweet and fresh Sweet Chilli dressing!

Didden's new dressing is an explosion of flavours! Perfect for all food lovers and connoisseurs, it's a gourmet treat that adds sweet and fresh notes to all your dishes! What makes this dressing so original and surprising? It's the onions and sweet peppers it contains, which add just the right amount of crunch! Our dressing is made with superior-quality ingredients that have been carefully chosen.

A full range of dressings!

This dressing is expanding our range of dressings and will add a spicy note to all your meals. Don't hesitate to try our different varieties: Pesto dressing, Orange-Rosemary dressing and Balsamic dressing! A dazzling note for each and every dish!