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Tempura: a trendy aperitif !

The era of perfectly dressed tables and formal dinners is over. We now receive guests in the kitchen for a drink, preparing a mega-buffet or a delicious aperitif, such as toasted titbits, canapés and puff pastries... and also tempura, as Japanese culture is now well established in Europe. Trends change... and we follow the trends!

What is tempura?

It's a batter that comes from Japan, but its origins are actually quite different. It was originally Portuguese and was invented in the 16th century. It's a very surprising batter as it's light and airy! This might seem contradictory, but once you taste it you'll see how light and delicious it is.

How to make good tempura

Tempura would appear to be quite simple to make, but don't be fooled! It's a bit like cooking sushi rice, every detail counts! For your tempura, you need very cold water and wheat flour. To achieve a crisp, golden, non-oily tempura, you need to be very accurate about your measurements, as well as the temperature of the oil. Everything must be perfectly calculated. Discover our recipe for prawn tempuras

A good tempura is crisp on the outside, soft inside and sometimes nearly raw. It's a different type of cooking altogether, in which the food (prawns in our recipe) are protected only by the layer of batter (which envelops all the flavour) to retain its full flavour.