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Tomato Chili chutney

The Tomato Chilli confit by Didden is succulent served with meat or fish kebabs. It will surprise your guests with its spicy note!

Suggestion: Add a tablespoon Tomato Chilli confit with a tablespoon cooking oil when cooking in a wok. It will add a special touch.

This gourmet confit is available in Belgium at Intermarché, in the fresh-produce section in hors d'oeuvre dishes during the Easter season and in the dry-goods section in jars. It is also available at Carrefour and Carrefour Market by Mestdagh.

Also available in 1.5kg trays for B2B, i.e. for butchers and caterers who want to serve it with dishes such as kebabs for grilling.

  • Glass jar 220g