Honey Mustard

The Didden honey mustard is the perfect combination of our traditional mustard recipe and the finest thousand-flower honey. The spice/sweet contrast works very well and adds a gourmet touch to your recipes.

  • As it is: honey mustard has a very gourmet flavour that can be enjoyed as an accompaniment, especially to white meats. Filet mignon of pork, chicken, rack of lamb, roast veal... it's perfect for these combinations. You can also enjoy it with duck (magret, aiguillettes...) or game.
  • As a seasoning: mustard goes very well in vinaigrettes to accompany your salads (lamb's lettuce and endives in particular).
  • As a sauce base: combine your mustard with crème fraîche, soy sauce, etc. to add a little zing to your dishes. to add a little pizzazz to your recipes.
  • As a marinade: brush on grilled meats or add this mustard to your marinades. Success guaranteed!

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