The recipe

Bouchées of Marcassin with Ardennes Onion Confit

Enhance your Bouchées of Marcassin with the Ardennes Onion Confit
Bouchées of Marcassin
  • 200 g of ham boar
  • Walnuts and hazelnuts
  • Dandelions
  • 60 g of Didden Ardennes Onion Confit
  • Chive
  • Oak leaf, treviso radish, lettuce
  • Rinse and clean the lettuces.
  • Blanch the chives.
  • Cut the slices of ham in two, lengthwise.
  • Crush the nuts and the hazelnuts.
  • Roughly cut the dandelions ('ciseler' in French)
  • Mix the nuts, the dandelion, the Ardennes Onion Confit and the lettuce mixture.
  • Put the filling onto the ham slices and tie them up with the chives.

Enjoy your meal!


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