The recipe

Toast with Foie Gras and Onion Confit

Accompany your toasts with foie gras and Onion Confit
Toast with Foie Gras

For 12 toasts:

  • 3 slices of sliced bread
  • 1 jar of Didden Onion Confit
  • 3 slices of goose foie gras
  • 50 g dried onions
  • Toast the slices of bread to a golden colour in a toaster.
  • Then remove the crusts and cut each slice in 4.
  • Also cut the foie gras in 4.
  • Place a piece of foie gras on each slice of toast and sprinkle with dried onions. 
  • Finally, serve with Onion Confit.

Enjoy your meal!

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