• 360 g of veal scallops
  • 1 yellow courgette (or zucchini)
  • 1 green courgette
  • 100 g of tagliatelle
  • 1 egg white, a drop of olive oil
  • 50 g of breadcrumbs
  • 25 g of flour
  • 6 dried tomatoes
  • 15 g of rocket leaves
  • thyme
  • 1 garlic clove


  • Marinade the veal with the pesto
  • Pass the veal "à l'anglaise" (see below) and coat with breadcrumbs (French "paner")
  • Cut the courgettes into Pappardelle and quick-fry them in olive oil
  • Cook the tagliatelle in water for 6 minutes
  • Brown the scallops for 2 minutes on each side
  • Mix the tagliatelle with the courgettes and pour a little Pesto Dressing


  • Make 3 small rolls with the pasta and courgette mixture and put them lengthwise on the plate
  • Add the scallops
  • Decorate the top of the pasta rolls with dried tomatoes and rocket leaves
  • Add dressing for sauce

Culinary terms:

  • Paner à l’anglaise: one white egg, a drop of oil, a bit of water, salt and pepper, flour, and breadcrumbs (chapelure) (first pass through the flour, then pass through the beaten egg whites and finally pass through the chapelure)
  • Pappardelle: cut into pieces slightly larger than tagliatelle